Recording for Lancy TV about the United Samba School of Geneve.


The samba schools of Rio de Janeiro inspire and enchant countries and cities around the world. One of those cities that surrendered to the Carnival spell is located in Switzerland, precisely in the city of Geneva. It was there that I had the pleasure of meeting G.R.E.S. Unidos de Genève – chaired by Cédric Veillard – Swiss and “crazy” for samba plot. The school also has the participation of Flávia Costa – Brazilian and passionate about samba and carnival, which develops several activities next to the school, the main one being linked to the dance part. The United of Geneva performs presentations in several places of Europe, including the famous Festival of Coburg, the most important carnival event of the European continent. In addition, he also created the Mega Samba Festival together with Escola Bota in Rego de Portugal, where they worked together for two years to hold the event that still happens every year in the last week of July in Sesimbra – Portugal.

In 2003, the school began to be idealized by Cédric, who says he was encouraged to create it because of his passion for samba. In addition to being president of the school, Cédric is responsible for the drums. Self-taught, he listens to samba-plot every day and is always tuned to the news of the batteries of the samba schools to put into practice with his rhythm artists. He traveled a few times to Rio, but this was no obstacle for him, who according to his own words says that the battery “is the way of his life”. Formalized in 2004, Unidos de Genève offers courses in dance and percussion, as well as being a great place where Brazilians based in Geneva have the opportunity to miss a part of Brazilian culture, enjoy moments of exchange, learning and establish bonds of friendship.

It was gratifying to see how people engage in percussion rehearsals and still follow a little of the work developed by Flávia Costa and Sylas Le Goff, responsible for the dance session. They keep alive in the soul of the school what I can compare so that you become acquainted with our beloved segment of “Passageway” in a smaller proportion, but where the love for dance reigns. I had the privilege of attending a class where I noticed the creativity in the creation and presentation of choreographies and all their care in preserving the samba in the foot.

Work worthy of much respect and admiration! After all, I’m talking about different weather conditions; yes, it’s rather cold (laughs) and rehearsals happen inside studios; I met people who, until now, did not live the experience of seeing a brazilian samba school, but still adopted our culture as a form of leisure and develop their talents through music and dance.
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Decembro 2015 : Escalade à Genève


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