Workshop Brazil 2018

Flavia Costa artistic director of Unidos de Geneve together with master Caju and with the support of the company Musical Instruments Contemporary, held in August the first cultural exchange in the city of São Paulo in Brazil.

Workshops were held with the team of Contemporary musicians, from this team the teachers were:
Master Caju, Master Rafa, Duetto and Leninha.

We even had a samba lesson plot with Biju musical composer. Lili Nascimento also contributed voluntarily with the neighborhood association of Cotia, neighborhood where she was born, joined the idea of ​​samba with the social project of Cotia with her group is Brazuca.

We visited great samba schools such as Mancha Verde where we were received by President Serdan and the Carnavalesco Jorge Freitas, Rosas de Ouro, Mocidade Unida da Mooca, Mocidade Alegre, Nene da Vila Matilde, Perola Negra, Unidos do Peruche with a show from the Rio de Janeiro Tuiuti and finally Champion of the Carnival 2018, Academics of Tatuapé.

We want to deeply thank all who participated in the project and the schools that welcomed us with our open arms and also to our president Cedric Veillard and our board members.

Click below and check the pictures of 2018: