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We prepared this special Link to talk about Samba, here you will find interviews, tips and lots of information about Samba all over Switzerland and the world, let’s talk about samba together, follow our main videos and be sure to leave your opinion, after all here is the “Samba Talk”.

Interview with Thalita Santos and Mariana Braga at the Carabassamba festival in Mallorca.

First Brazilian block animated carnival of Freiburg
14. February 2018 – 14:57

By Carlo Pisani

Carnival in Switzerland, or Fastnacht in German, has several traditions and even different dates. But certainly nothing of samba, rolled up and sequin … until now. This year the Carnival des Bolzes of the city of Friborg incorporated a Brazilian block to the official parade celebrating the 200th anniversary of the founding of the city of Nova Friburgo in the State of Rio de Janeiro by a fearless group of Swiss emigrants.

Carnival des Bozes has been happening since 1968, a year remembered by one of the blocks with a “flower power” interpretation: young grandchildren and granddaughters of hippies dressed up as hippies, throwing foamy cobblestones in the audience to remind them of the fighting spirit of the time. But that was a long, long time ago. And what came next was the Brazilians – or rather, a mixture of Swiss, Portuguese, Brazilians, even Germans.

The Queen of the Battery was legitimate Carioca, and pulled the block to the end with elegance and sensuality without vulgarity. The drums, a mockery of amateur musicians and samba lovers, kept up the gauntlet, while floats transported Miss Switzerland from last year delivering confetti and smiles to the brave audience who faced almost negative temperatures, rain and almost snow in favor of the revelry.
This video shows caixa patterns “em baixo” of São Paulo samba schools.

This video shows caixa patterns “em baixo” of Rio de Janeiro samba schools.

Check out the interview with the Duo of the 2 repiques of Gold of the samba school of São Paulo Golden Roses

Visit the headquarters of the Rosas de Ouro school in São Paulo Brazil - solo of repiques with Duetto, Lucas Eduardo and Hebert Bruno. Thank you for always teaching good things, you are 1000 note! Thank you Golden Roses!